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Initiative "Civil Dialogue"

This site is dedicated to the initiative of Civic Dialogue.

Civic Dialogue - is an initiative of civil and human rights organizations in different countries, aimed at building ties among the civil societies of the two - or more countries and development of direct social relations between people, communities, human rights and civil society organizations.

Our countries and peoples are very often divided - not only by borders on a map – but also by challenging a common past, experienced military and political conflicts, or conflicts of interests of politicians.

We believe that civil society organizations (as well as scholars, artists, teachers, students ...) have a key role in building relations between nations, and this may be contrary to policy differences between states.

Civic Dialogue (bilateral or multilateral) may, in our opinion, based on the following main lines:

  • Dialogue “Remembrance and Construction of the Future” – discussion on common historical past and its consequences, as well as on the possible future civil processes in both countries;
  • Dialogue on standards of Human Rights, the Rule of Law and Democracy in the two countries and in the region in general (including combating xenophobia and discrimination, as well as supporting long-term peacemaking initiatives);
  • “Public Dialogue” – collaboration in the spheres of culture, arts, literature and journalism; support of direct contacts among young people, students, teachers and others;
  • “Cross-border Dialogue” – support of the initiatives of any level that are directed at bilateral contacts and links in the frontier regions.

We invite all those who are interested in cooperation in the framework of the Dialogue to join our initiative!